Hi, I'm Vicki!  Organic chemist by training, home cook by trial and error, world traveler by desire. 

Living near New York City has given me the opportunity to experience so much.  From food to fashion, music to unusual events, NYC has it all, including three major international airports! At Wilde in the World, I share my life of fashion, photography, food and travel. 

I work for a small biotech company that sends me around the world for meetings and conferences. Each month I find myself somewhere new in the world, from Shanghai to Vienna, Los Angeles to Capetown. Between traveling for work and traveling for fun, I accrue well over 100,000 air miles each year. I like to get the most out of my experiences, without scrimping on things like dining and accommodations. You won't find me in a hostel, eating ramen noodles, but I also don't want to spend my entire savings account on a single trip!

When I'm not traveling, I'm trying to eat healthy, stay fit and explore my own backyard. I have been blogging at Wilde in the Kitchen since 2009 and still enjoy cooking and baking for my family and friends. Candy making is one of my biggest kitchen passions, which balances well with my favorite non-food related activity - fitness!

Wilde in the World is where my life comes to the internet. Looking for something specific? I post with the following schedule...

Monday - Lifestyle (fashion, fitness, decor, DIY)
Tuesday - Tip Tuesday (Life hacks, Wilde favorites, Lists)
Wednesday - Wilde Updates & Links
Thursday - Travel
Friday - Food (WITK crossover posts)

E-mail me at wildeinthecity  (@) gmail (dot) com

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