Friday, October 18, 2013

Stitch Fix #6 - October 2013

It's my favorite post of the month, time for another Stitch Fix review!  (Don't know what Stitch Fix is?  Check out my full review from July.)  This month I asked for some cute fall tops and maybe a pair of boyfriend jeans.  My stylist did her research and sent me some fun pieces.

Why does it have to be over 80 ºF each time I do a Stitch Fix photo shoot?  I'm sure it will be cold and rainy come my next fix, so I shouldn't really complain too much!

Kensie - Joce Embroidered Dot Ankle Pant

 I haven't had any luck with pants and Stitch Fix recently.  You remember those gigantic burgundy trousers from last fix?  I had the same issue with these, also huge.  The problem was they sent me an 8, which was probably about 2 sizes too big (I have my size preference set to size 6).  It's sad too, because these would be really great work pants.  The little dots are actually flowers!

Sweet rain - Luke Floral Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse

 I really loved this top when I took it out of the box.  My stylist, Kara, saw that I had pinned several floral print tops to my Fall fashion pinterest board.  I loved this print and the background color.  So pretty.  The issue with this shirt?  It was just a bit too small.  This designer must run a little small, as the other tops fit just fine.

Danial Rainn - Ashlee Floral Print Swiss Dot Blouse

I was a bit suspect of this top when I picked it up, but my original thoughts were all changed as I was editing these photos.  It looks so pretty!  This top actually comes with a grey camisole, so no need to look for something to put under it.  Want to own it yourself?  You can find it at Bloomingdales, for $10 less than is listed on my Stitch Fix bill.  Oh yeah, and you can take an extra 20% off at Bloomingdales.

41Hawthorn - Missy Polka Dot Tab-Sleeve Blouse

Here we have another tab-sleeve blouse.  41Hawthorne is the Stitch Fix house brand and I've gotten a few pieces from them before.  Usually pretty good quality and nice construction, this piece is no different.  This top isn't making its way into my closet because I feel like this color is very summer of 2013 and it's past its season of wear.  This sheer blouse isn't going to cut it during the cold months here in NJ.

Blegh.  This cardigan is so confusing.  Gigantic lapels, a belted waist, pockets, the zig-zag print.  It was all too much.  I spent ten minutes trying to figure out exactly how to wear this.  Makes me look like I have a sad and droopy top half.  I should write in my personal style profile - No droopy cardigans.

The Verdict

Overall, I'd say this months box was fun, but it missed the mark a bit.  First, I got three tops that all look remarkably similar to each other.  Three tab-sleeved, collar-less button downs in three different prints.  They weren't particularly fall friendly either.

Sometimes I feel like pieces make their way into the box because it's the end of the season and Stitch Fix needs to get rid of them.  That's a big question for SF, what should they do with all of the past season items?  Maybe a little SF sale?  Keep sending those summer items to the people who live in Florida, California and Arizona all year, not those of us who live in a four season state.  And don't send me end of season items at full price, not cool.

So what am I keeping from this months box?  Just the grey floral top.  I'm a little disappointed that the price of the top is higher than it should be, but I have a small credit that will offset the price difference.  I would have also kept the pants and green floral top, if not for fit issues.  I'll be sure to mention the fit problems on my checkout page and hopefully next month everything will fit like a glove!

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  1. i liked the polka dot shirt and the floral blouse, but I liked the skirt more that you styled the floral blouse with :)

    1. Thanks Brett! I love that skirt too! I got it at Banana Republic last winter and wore it all year.

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the polka dots!! So cute and easy to dress up or down! :)

  3. I think the Kensie pants are the best item from the fix! I might have to look them up to get separately:)