Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Molly's Cupcakes

I thought that I would start featuring some of my favorite places to nosh, walk and relax in New York City! The boyfriend and I wander all across the boroughs trying different restaurants, sitting on various park benches and finding ourselves in new to us neighborhoods. Though often we wind up at the same pizza place on 8th avenue multiple times a year by accident.

First stop, dessert.  Of course. And cupcakes are still hot around the city. You can't walk two blocks without finding a bakery touting their "Amazing cupcakes!" (Though people are starting to try and reproduce Dominique Ansel's Cronut.) I've inhaled numerous calories in the quest to find my favorite cupcake in the city. You might have a different favorite bakery in town, but for me it's Molly's Cupcakes.

Located on Bleeker in the Village, Molly's has found the perfect ratio of cupcake to frosting (I lean toward a 2:1 cupcake to frosting ratio myself!) with a cupcake that is sweet, but not too sweet.  The flavors change constantly and I haven't met one that I didn't like.  Well, except that Kahlua cupcake up there, I'm not a huge fan of coffee. For my money, the cookie monster is where it's at.

Or you can build your own cupcake!  Choose the size, cake flavor, frosting flavor and anything you want to put on top of it. They also have vegan options for those abstaining from animal products.  Beyond the amazing desserts, there are swings hanging from the ceiling and their walls are stacked high with board games. You can get a cupcake, then challenge your friends to a round of battleship! Perfect afternoon. 


  1. Not sure if it's a chain, but the Molly's Cupcakes in Chicago are my favorite, they definitely have the correct cupcake to frosting ratio.

    Kristina does the Internets

  2. Okay yum those cupcakes look delicious! I will have to remember them for my next trip to NYC!! Last time we were there it was all about getting a slice of New York Cheesecake... this time it will be about the cupcakes!

  3. Love this! I wish I lived closer to NYC! I will have to try these the next time I am there! NY has way more bakeries than STL!


  4. Oh those look so good! We have a store called "Sprinkles" in Phoenix and not many other cupcake options- I'm feeling a bit of cupcake envy right now!

  5. I love cupcakes!!! I have been to a few shops in my area, but have yet to find "the" cupcake...

    I am hoping to make it to NYC sometime in the next year, so will have to bookmark Mollly's for future ref.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Nicole, keepcalmandcocoon.com

  6. I like eating cupcake
    I'm following u via GFC, hope u can follow back. THX XOXO

    Moda della donna


  7. those look delish! wish i lived close to NYC.

  8. I'm a huge fan of cupcakes and these look delish! I love how you can build your own cupcake!