Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Beauty Faves

It's time for fun beauty faves! This is one of my favorite posts each month because I love sharing what I've been enjoying each month. Since it's December I thought I would share my favorite moisture and color products.  Winter means we need lots of hydration for our bodies and a little color to brighten our days.

First up, Philosophy all-in-one cleanser.  Personally I use this as a shower gel, but you can also use it as a shampoo and bubble bath! I have three different scents but you can tell that I love the coconut frosting one most of all. This cleanser has great froth and leaves me feeling super hydrated. And I smell like a cake, yum.

On really dry days, of which there are lots of them in the tri-state area in winter, I like to layer my coconut flavors. All of the LUSH products that I've tried have been amazing and this one is too. This LUSH Coco Lotion is smooth and fragrant and I love that it's made with coconut oil. I like to put it in my baked goods, why not lather it on my dry hands!

These colors have been on my nails since I bought them. I like to alternate between the two. Julep - Celia, is the perfect shimmery shade of light green. It came in my Julep Maven box this month and it's so pretty!  Essie - the lace is on, is from their fall 2013 collection and is just the perfect metallic magenta. Adds just the right pop of color to a winter day.

In only 1 month I'm getting my braces off. With that in mind, I've been loading up on lipsticks of all colors! I'm ready to show off my pearly whites. MAC Rebel has been one of my favorites. It's the perfect shade of deep wine, I'm wearing it in this post. Sure, it's a bit of a statement lip, but I love it for everyday!

When the Marc Jacobs makeup line first came out I was a little suspicious. I didn't think it would really be anything special. Then I tried one of the nail polishes and loved how pigmented it was. Then I picked up an eye shadow palette. Recently I had a consultation at Sephora and I tried out some of the Marc Jacobs blushers and they are fabulous! I use the lighter color as a highlighter and the deeper color on my cheeks. Love them.

What products have you been loving lately? Have any favorite winter weather products?


  1. I am addicted to all things Philosophy!! And I love the polish color combos!! Susan

  2. MAC Rebel is an incredible shade- I picked it up a while back and LOVE IT. :)


  3. those look great! would love if you'd check out my blog! www.loveolia.com

  4. Yeap, MAC Rebel has been my go-to lipstick this fall. Instant drama/vampy look. I love it!