Thursday, January 9, 2014

Current Obsession - Workout Gear!

It's a new year and this is the time when everyone is making plans to get healthy, workout more and be a generally better person.  Since it's the second week of the new year, I fully expect half of those people to have already given up on their resolutions.

What do we really need to keep those goals going?  Something cute to wear to the gym.  Seriously.  When I taught fitness classes, having something fun to wear just put me in the right mood.  Yelling at all of my participants really gave the rest of the necessary energy.

1. Brooks - Ravenna - These are my running shoes, the ones I am currently wearing on my outdoor runs.  I went to Fleet Feet in my neighborhood and tried on several pairs of shoes to find the best pair for my feet!
2. Nike Tech - Fleece Funnel - You need something to throw on so you can get from your car to the gym.  Hoodies are perfect, Nike hoodies are always warm.
3. Sweaty Betty - Glisten Long Sleeve Ski Top - I have this in every color available (all two of them) and wear them in constant rotation for my outdoor runs.  Soft, warm and breathable, it's the best workout shirt I own. It's made of bamboo too!
4. Sugar Lip Treatment - I have at least five of these lip balms.  Just what you need for a workout, lip hydration and just a hint of color!  Works wonders for a 5am workout.
5. bkr Glass water bottles - I've mostly transitioned away from plastic water bottles (except when I'm running long distances) and go for these bkr bottles or metal bottles.  I love these bottles because you can get them in so many different colors!  Pretty.
6. Zensah - Running Gloves - I would be lost without these gloves.  I can run, keep my fingers warm and change the Pandora station on my iPhone.
7. Sweaty Betty - Stardust Run Tights - I have these in grey and pink.  They make outdoor runs in cooler temperatures so comfortable!  These tights are lined with fleece, but they breathe.  Magic pants.
8. Nike - Flirty Knit Skirt - I love working out in running skirts!  When I taught BodyStep classes, I only wore running and tennis skirts.  I liked the way they bounced when I rocketed over the step. I do not recommend running outdoors in them right now.  Too cold.
9. Lululemon - Floral Sweatshirt - I bought this last week and have loved throwing it on after my workouts. It's so warm and fuzzy!

When it comes to most of my workout wear, I'm addicted to Lululemon, Sweaty Betty and TJ Maxx.  Seriously, TJ Maxx & Marshalls have some amazing workout gear for low prices.  They're always weather relevant too. Right now you can score some fun hoodies and yoga pants.


  1. How cute is that Nike flirty knit skirt.....& I'm obsessed with that green fleece funnel Nike hoodie too!!!


  2. that skirt is so cute! I think it will be easier to work out in all these cute gear!

  3. I love the Nike funnel sweatshirt and the floral Lululemon top! I think it is so fun to work out when you look cute! It makes a difference!! Susan

  4. i agree! LOVE lululemon but not always the price while marshalls & tjmaxx have some similar looking items!!! at great prices too!!!!