Monday, January 6, 2014

Wilde in Warby Parker

I am a huge fan of sunglasses and usually have at least two pairs in my purse at all times. Today I'm happy to be collaborating with Warby Parker and showing off some of their fun sunglasses.  I was contacted a few weeks ago to try out some of their glasses and sunglasses via the home try-on program. I simply couldn't pass up the chance to have sunglasses sent to my door.

The home try-on program is really simple and it works with both regular glasses and sunglasses.  Since I don't wear corrective lenses, I decided to have Warby Parker send me five different pairs of sunglasses.  I went online to Warby Parker and browsed through their large collection of glasses.  Once I found a pair I liked, I just clicked the "+ Home Try-On" button.  After I picked out five pairs I headed to my cart and checked out.  Within the week I had five new pairs of sunglasses to try on!

After I received the package I had five days to wear the glasses around town, get opinions from random strangers and post copious pictures to facebook and instagram. I only have one problem, I fell in love with every single pair of sunglasses.  I want to own them all.

The glasses come packaged in this adorable black box.  The frames and lenses Warby Parker sends are actually all samples.  Once you're done trying them all on, you ship back the entire box.  You have all of the information saved in your online profile and you can place an order at any time.  No need to decide in the five days!  That was my favorite part, because now you all can help me choose!

Madison (in Rum Cherry) - I'm in love with the red color of these frames.  The totally add the right amount of color to an all black winter look.  I also feel a little hipster in them.  I'll blend right in with the Williamsburg crowd.

Jasper (in Marine Slate) - These frames are totally different from anything else I own and I want them.  The color and shape of these glasses are so much fun.  A random stranger complimented them while I was wandering the streets of SOHO.  (Yes, I wore each of these sunglasses around town to test them out!)

Ames (in Graphic Fog) - Okay, these kind of look like something my nerdy father would wear. A little bit 1950's NASA engineer, a little bit cool girl in Tribeca, I'm not sure if I can pull these frames off?

Raskin (in Jet Silver) - I love love love aviators. The Boyfriend hates them, too bad! I actually picked these frames because of the color of the lenses.  Online the color Jet Silver is actually a bluish silver, I'm thinking these sample frames aren't jet silver.

Neville (in Redwood Ash) - The tortoise shell color of the frames is what really sells me on them.  The shape is pretty classic and I actually have a similar pair in black, would it be wrong to have a second pair?

So what do you think?  Which pair of sunglasses do you like?  I can't get them all because I haven't won the Powerball yet.

Which pair of frames should I get?

Warby Parker also has an amazing winter collection and collaborations with Leith and Beck!  They weren't available for the home try on program, but you can see them in one of their brick and mortar stores.

In the market for some new reading glasses or sunglasses?  You should definitely give the Warby Parker home try-on program a try!  No pressure to pick out a new pair of glasses under the nose of a salesperson and you can use social media to have your friends help you choose.

Disclaimer - I have received no compensation from Warby Parker for this post.  It cost me nothing for the Home try-on program and it only cost them shipping fees!

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  1. I love Warby Parker frames! And it was hard to pick a favorite because they all look so great on you. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I want to do this so bad but I know I will want all 5!!!!
    Brilliant idea and they all look great on you!

    The Retail Therapist

  3. What an awesome idea! I'll have to try this - I need to get some new glasses anyway. Hopefully I won't have such a hard time choosing which to actually get though! Good luck deciding, they all look great!


  4. wow loving all their styles! love the shapes and the frames!

  5. Those sunglasses look great on you! Thanks for linking up with Stylish Tuesday!

    xo, Paige

  6. This is such a great idea! I love the red pair, the aviators, and the tortoise shell the most! It has to be so hard to decide!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Love Your Look!!


  7. Love the aviators on you! And I would totally enter your giveaway if I weren't in Canada. ;/ :o

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Susan @avagracescloset