Thursday, March 13, 2014

Current Obsession - Travel Essentials

In the coming months, I'm going to be racking up the frequent flier miles. After twenty-one hours in the air this Monday, I'm currently sitting in my hotel in Singapore! Here are some of my essentials (and some things I've put on my wish list) for a long haul flight.

1. Comfy Pants - You don't want to wear jeans on a 16 hour flight, these printed pants from Diane Von Furstenberg are pretty and cozy.

2. Eye Mask - Inevitably I sit near the person that wants to read and falls asleep with their light on. A sleep mask it totally necessary get some shut eye.

3. Snacks - Yes, you get dinner and breakfast and a few snacks when you're in flight for over twelve hours. Personally, I like to have a few snack options in my bag. One time we were given ice cream bars for our snack. My body clock thought it was 10am, ice cream wasn't really hitting the spot. My faves? Gummy butterflies, Clif bars & trail mix. (Sweet, protein & Salty!)

4. Water bottle - Depending on how much stuff I need to pack will determine which kind of water bottle I bring. Packing light? I go for the pretty bkr bottle. Suitcase stuffed? I go with a foldable water bottle.

5. Passport Cover - My passport needs a pretty outfit too. Nothing says 'cheerful' better than Kate Spade.

6. Pashmina - The temperature in flight is not regulated very well. A pashmina is my best friend. It serves as blanket, scarf and tent - in case my neighbor wants to chat.

7. Headphones - Between listening to music, watching in-flight movies or just drowning out the sound of engines, noise cancelling headphones are magical. Expensive magic. I haven't yet splurged on this pair from Bose.

8. Eye Cream - The cabin of the plane is always super dry. My skin just drinks up this avocado eye cream.

9. Facial Mist - Same reason as above. A quick mist with this facial spray and I feel refreshed.

10. A Cute Tote - You need to carry all of this stuff and you might as well do it in style. I love a tote or a large cross body bag. I usually try to go with a bag that zips, otherwise things tend to scatter.

11. Power - Twelve to sixteen hours in flight, the iPad and iPhone aren't going to make it. I use the Anker power pack to keep everything juiced up. It's powerful enough to fully charge an iPhone up to eight times!

12. Cozy sweater - In combination with a pashmina, I'm never cold. Dressing for style and comfort is difficult, but Helmut Lang always fits the bill.

What are your essentials for travel? What are your secrets?