Friday, March 21, 2014

Stitch Fix #11 - March 2014

Spring is rounding the corner here in the tri-state area and that means that I had Stitch Fix send me some warmer weather clothes! I'm just about ready to pack my sweaters away for the year and say adios to my snow boots. While SF succeeded on sending me items that are more appropriate for warmer weather, I was left wishing for more color.

Haven't heard of Stitch Fix yet?  Check out my full explanation from a few months ago. Basically you fill out a style profile and they send you clothes.  Keep and pay for what you like, send back the rest.  Bam, two sentence review for you there. 

I've been getting fixes for almost a year now and have added a number of fun pieces to my closet. With my summer of funemployment, I found myself holding back on buying too many pieces and picking just my favorite. That same ethos has continued on as I find myself at a new job. While many fixers keep calling out for the "5-item fix", I'm happy finding one or two perfect pieces. (The "5-item fix" is this - you love all 5 items, you keep all 5 items, you get 20% off the total. 25%? I can't remember, but it's a deal.) I've sent back a number of things that I was on the fence about. I have a large wardrobe (check out the extensive list here) and a limited closet space, I'm becoming a very picky shopper.

Come with me and see what I got in this months fix!

41Hawthorn - Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse
Mavi Gold - Aiden Ankle Length Skinny Jean
First up, this 41Hawthorne blouse. I have been receiving a lot of 41Hawthorne pieces in my fixes recently. I totally understand why, it's the SF house label. Of course they want to sell more of that. Personally, I like to have a mixed wardrobe and don't want to see the same blouse over and over. I got a very similar blouse in September and sent it back because I hated the sleeves. This blouse went right back in the package, for the very same reason. Plus, it's black. How boring.

The jeans are from Mavi Gold and were actually super comfortable. If I needed to wear a pair of jeans on my next 16 hour flight, these would be the jeans.  Soft, perfectly cut and a great blue.  Why didn't I keep them? You'll notice from my closet inventory that I already own over 30 pairs of jeans. I don't need another pair of classic blue jeans.

41Hawthorn - Dita Colorblock Sleeveless Ponte Dress
Sweet Rain - Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Jacket
In these photos, I love this outfit. In real life, I was not sold on either piece. First up was another 41Hawthorne piece, the Dita Colorblock dress. It's such a cute color combination, the length was great and I really liked the cut of the shoulder and neckline. What's my problem? The white part was only partially lined. You could totally see the lining and exactly where it stopped. You could also see the exact color of my bra. Not cool. I wore a white tank in these shots, just to keep the lining from showing.

The Sweet Rain jacket is also so pretty in these images. Again, cut, color and style were perfect. My problem with this one was simple, the zipper! It was horrible. It was so chunky and metallic, it was impossible to zip up, unless you held the two halves of the jacket together and tried zipping. So sad too, I really like this top.

41Hawthorn - Ivy Tulip Print Tab Sleeve Blouse
Last up is the third 41Hawthorne piece from this fix. I wound up keeping this piece because I thought the tulip print was cute and I was in a springy mood. I did mention to SF that I don't want to see anymore 41Hawthorne tab-sleeved blouses. I've bought three already and I'm all set in that department.

Overall, not a bad fix this month. Since I'm not looking to buy everything that they send me, I'm not too sad that some of the items didn't work out. I'm just hoping that Stitch Fix doesn't turn into Wegmans*. Meaning, I like their private label, but I'd like other choices. I added an addendum to my style profile, requesting that they send no more than one 41Hawthorne item per fix. I'd prefer to see more variety in the designers in each fix, rather than more of the same.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What are your thoughts?

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* - Wegmans is a grocery store, an awesome one, from the Northeast of the US. They have taken to removing most brands and replacing them with Wegmans branded items. Their stuff is good, but sometimes I just want my brand of pasta.


  1. Love that tulip top! I just signed up for my first fix but it must be popular...mine doesn't come until mid May! Will have to read about your other fixes. Can't wait to see what I get!

  2. I actually received the tulip blouse in my fix this week too! Just a different color. I kept mine as well. I didnt know they had a house label, so thanks for the info! Susan

  3. That SF sounds like a cool style the looks you styled!


  4. Wow. You did get a bad fix. The only item I like that you received was the tulip top. I've ordered from Stitch Fix and have always kept everything except one dress that didn't fit.