Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wilde Wednesday - Work Wear Wishes

How's that for alliteration? Today I'm thinking all about work wear. Though I guess it's not just things to wear to work, but also to carry to work and to bring to work because you need hydration and food. We spend so much of our lives at the office, why not look good and feel good while you're there?

1. C Wonder - Ikat Coffee Mug - $10 - More so for the winter, but I always like to have my morning beverage in a cute bug, rather than a paper cup. My mug is just making my desk look pretty these days, it's the season of iced everything!
2. Rebecca Minkoff - Medium M.A.B. Tote - $255 - I have this tote for my monster of a laptop. This Rebecca Minkoff bag is big and sturdy! It holds everything I need to bring with me to work, including my shoes and lunch.
3. Rebecca Taylor - Pleated mixed tweed dress - SALE $383 - Of course you need to have cute clothes for work. Showing up in a bright and crisp dress really sets the mood for your entire day at the office.
4. Fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment (Tulip) - $22.50 - I literally have four of these in my office right now. Three different tinted colors and one sheer. They are super moisturizing, which is completely necessary in this over air conditioned office world that we all live in. Bonus? It has SPF.
5. Fitbit - Fitbit Zip - $48.99 - And that SPF will come in handy when you get away from your desk for an afternoon walk. After I transitioned from a lab job to a desk job, I found that I wasn't moving around as much. Now I have my Fitbit (and so do many of my coworkers!) and I try to log over 10,000 steps per day. A quick walk after lunch totally helps me toward that goal.
6. Kate Spade - Black Cat silicone iPhone case - $45 - I have the toucan case from the summer collection. It was also $45 and I can't see spending another $45 on this iPhone case, but it's so cute. A black cat is so perfect for the fall!
7. DVF - Amelia Silk Combo flared wrap dress - $485 - I've been living in wrap dresses this summer. Combine them with some bike shorts and you're all set for whatever the day throws at you. Wrap dress + bike shorts = absolute comfort.
8. Basily - Infuser Water Bottle - $15.99 - With all of the amazing fruits I've been picking up at the markets this summer, there was no need for boring, plain water. Cut up some berries and pop them in the infuser and in minutes you have an amazing and refreshing drink!
9. Ikea - Knubbig Table Lamp - $7.99 - The light in my office is sub-par. I like to have an extra pop of light on my desk, not only to be able to read things, but also to cheer up the room a little. This is especially helpful on stormy summer days.
10. Kate Spade - Bedford Square Eastern bag - $398 - I know, I already said that I have the RM M.A.B. tote, but look how pretty this bag is! Look at all of those internal compartments! So gorgeous and useful.

What are some of your favorite things to have at the office? Something special to make the time pass a little faster?

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  1. Try saying that title ten times fast. lol. Great picks for the office!