Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lima, Peru

In late August, I had the chance to travel to the Southern Hemisphere for the first time! I've gotten close to the equator before (Singapore is right on the northern side), but never have I crossed the line. I ventured to Lima, Peru for a conference and spent four days in the hotel. This was the view from my hotel room...

Since it was August, Lima was just coming out of winter and transitioning into spring. Apparently the sun doesn't shine during the spring in Lima and my view looked like this all five days that I was at the conference. Luckily my hotel room was amazing (definitely stay at the Lima Westin if you want a gorgeous bathroom!) and the conference was interesting.

Even the food at the hotel was tasty. Their chef is Malaysian, so the menu was a fusion of flavors from Malalysia and Peru. Sounds strange, but it was totally delicious.

I spent three straight days in the conference and didn't leave my hotel. I was due to fly back the day after the conference, but not until 10pm. I actually got to spend the day in Lima, taking a tour of the city. While I didn't see that much, it was a nice introduction to Peru.

Next time I visit Peru, I'll be sure to stop by Machu Picchu!