Thursday, December 11, 2014

November/December Beauty Favorites

It's almost halfway through December, so I feel bad saying these are my November favorites. I suppose that I have been reaching for these things pretty much every day, so they are still my December faves too!

First up, Bamboo Style - Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo. Now I need to say first, I don't use dry shampoo in the traditional manner. Not that I use it as deodorant or something strange, I just don't like second day hair. My hair gets super greasy and really likes to be washed every day. I like to use this dry shampoo to grit up my freshly washed hair. This particular dry shampoo smells amazing and is completely translucent. This is important, because my hair is a brunette/blonde combination right now.  I've tried all three scents and this one is really my favorite!

I picked up this blush a few months ago and was hesitant to try it out. I mean, look at that color! It's crazy! When I finally tried it out, I was so happy. This is a perfect Fall/Winter blush because it complements a darker wardrobe. It's very pigmented, so be careful when applying it! I'll post an outfit of the day in a few days when I'm wearing this blush so you can see what it looks like on.

I'm mean to my hair. Like I said, I like to wash my hair everyday and that means I dry it five days of the week. When you dry your hair as often as I do, a heat protectant is super important. I picked up this Sebastian Trilliant heat protectant at my salon and have been using it non-stop all November and December. You have to shake it up, since it's a bi-phasic solution, and spritz it allover your hair. It also smells amazing, I can smell it on my hair all day long.

Lots of people have been raving about the Nars Audacious lipsticks. I'm also jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else. These lipsticks are so pretty and the formulation is beautiful. I picked up these two colors - Anna (left) & Bridget (right). You can see that I've been wearing Bridget quite a bit. It's one of those 'Your lips but better' colors. I also love the packaging because the cap is magnetic. No more caps popping off in my purse and making a mess. I may be picking some more up!

I've been on the hunt for a great concealer for a while. I've been using the YSL Touche Eclat for the past year, but it really doesn't give great coverage for those dark circles. This Tarte Maracuja creaseless concealer is almost perfect. It really brightens up my eyes and stays all day. My only problem? The tube was 50% empty when opened it up. I expected the tube to be full of product, but it was full of air. Boo.

If you are looking for a simple and beautiful eyeshadow palette, this one might be the one for you! The Urban Decay - Naked 2 Basics palette is six matte, neutral shades. This particular palette is the cooler toned option (apparently the first Naked Basics palette has warmer colors, I don't know. I only have this one!) I usually use this palette on workdays for a simple and sophisticated look.

This mascara is a little weird. It has a giant brush and gives you some seriously large, but soft lashes. My only problem with it? It's scented! The mascara is perfumed, which smells lovely, but I think it's a little strange for you to apply a scented product to your eyeballs.

Those are more go to products for the past month and a half! What have you been loving this month? Do you have any winter-specific products that you have been using? I'm needing a serious body moisturizer!

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