Friday, August 7, 2015

Bratislava, Slovakia

Stop two along the Europe voyage was Bratislava, Slovakia. After getting up early and packing up our backpacks, the boyfriend and I walked to the Prague train station. We hopped on the 8:00 am train to Bratislava and enjoyed my favorite European on-the-go snack - bread and cheese!

The Bratislava train station is a good twenty minute walk from downtown, so be sure to check your backpacks at the station. We neglected to do this and were mad at ourselves later in the day. It's only 1 euro to check a bag, do it. 

Old town Bratislava is basically a collection of sidewalk restaurants and cute little shops. You can find just about any type of cuisine in old town and we decided on lunch at an Irish pub. Since we were visiting in mid-May, we were there just before the big summer crowds arrived. Restaurateurs were beckoning all the tourists to look at their menus. Don't be pushed into sitting down until you find a place you want to visit.

This town would be so much fun for shooting outfit of the day posts! Look at all the great streets and alleys! Bratislava, like Prague, is also very hilly. You must climb the hill when you visit, because the Bratislava castle sits on the top.

You must also eat lots of ice cream while visiting europe. Or gelato, I think that this may have been gelato. And no, these weren't both for me. I shared.

After locating The Watcher, and several other of Bratislava's famous statues, we headed back up to the train station and waited for our train to Budapest!

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