Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 in review

With the year winding up, it's that time again to look at how far I came in achieving my 2016 goals. I feel like this year has been a really busy year, but that I haven't spent that time well at all. I have not completed several of my goals and I've been completely lax at blogging here at at WITK. 

Let's see how I've done...

1. Visit 3 new places in the world - This was an easy one to check off of my list! The boyfriend and I did quite a bit of travelling in the first half of the year (posts to come in 2017). If you follow my on Instagram, you will know that in 2016 I visited Thailand, Vietnam, Bolivia and Peru. I've previously been to Thailand, our trip this year took us to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. I've also been to Peru, but this time we visited Cusco and Machu Picchu!

2. Complete my 2015 WITK Junk @ Home Challenge - Ugh, this is still a total fail. I was able to complete 4 more recipes from the original list. This is sadly going to continue into a third year. I vow that I will complete this challenge in 2017!

3. Start on my Chocolates & Confections Challenge at WITK - If I didn't work on the 2015 challenge in 2016, you know that I made zero progress on the actual 2016 challenge. The good news is that I'm working at a new job now. This job has many many people to feed candy! I plan to test out some recipes and then leave them in the lunch room to disappear.

4. Take 3 courses - COMPLETED! I took three courses this year and they were all excellent. If you are ever in NYC, I would recommend you taking any of the following classes.

Tube Setting @ Liloveve - I learned how to set gems in tubes for a clean look. After two full days in the Brooklyn studio, I completed three simple stacking rings. I would definitely go back for the full silversmithing course series.

Digital Photography II: Mastering Manual Mode at Night - Taught in a small group setting in Lincoln Center, Mindy does an excellent job of teaching you how to shoot at night without a tripod! My evening photos have never looked to vibrant.

Doughnuts! @ Montclair Bread - Montclair Bread Company is the super popular place for doughnuts in my town. The owner, Rachel, started running classes this year to share her knowledge and love of dough. I came home from the class smelling like doughnuts, laden down with two dozen doughnuts and a whole bunch of knowledge!

Laura Hooper Calligraphy - This full day workshop was held in an adorable building in SOHO. Laura Hooper holds classes all over the country. If she is in your neighborhood, I would high recommend signing up. You can also purchase calligraphy supplies on the cheap during the class. I have some rose gold ink that I'm dying to try out! Goal for 2017 - practice more calligraphy.

5. Spend less on nonsense - COMPLETED-ish. I definitely have spent less money on nonsense Amazon purchases this year. I also bought way less clothing this year and have made a conscious effort to wear what I have. I realized that I have plenty of things and I really made it a point to buy less in 2016. I would like to continue into 2017 by only buying items that I need.

6. Blog consistently - FAIL. No way around that. Try again.

7. Get back into BodyStep - I have been consistently doing BodyStep at home once a week (with the exception of the holiday season. Holidays = laziness). I haven't found a gym that runs this program, but did join a gym that has several other favorite classes.

8. Eat more vegetables and blog more veggie recipes - I don't know if I even remembered this as being a goal of mine. I think that I wrote it down with the hope that vegetables would sneak into my menus. Surprise, surprise - they did not. In 2017 I will have to actually make plans of how to introduce more fruit and veg into my diet.

9. Finish decorating our home - We have come really close to completing our home. We have to remodel one bathroom and hang a few more pieces of art, but it is so much closer than it was last year. Although currently it is a giant mess. We haven't spent much time at home in December and the house has become a dumping ground for our stuff.  Goal for 2017 - clean the house, then finish hanging the art. I'll share the before and after once we've completed the overhaul!

I'll be back in a few days with my 2017 goals. Let's see if I can make them more realistic this coming year. Maybe I need to keep it simple with only three goals?


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