Friday, November 22, 2013

A Vest, with Sleeves?

I think fall is finally here to stay. The weekend forecast calls for daytime temps in the 30's! I think that means I won't be wearing these capris again, at least not without knee high boots on my feet. How would you style these capris for the winter time?

I've also taken to layering, a lot! I got this vest from Century 21 for my birthday (thanks BF!) and have been wearing it non-stop since then. It's so warm! Though I did complain that my arms were cold while the BF and I went out to dinner the other night.  He proclaimed "It's such a tragedy that they don't make vests with sleeves!" Funny guy. Hilarious.

I've been testing out my new Rebecca Minkoff bags this week too, trying to decide which one I like the best. The BF likes this one (the Hudson Moto) the most, saying it's more versatile than the quilted bag. I'm not sure, I like both! I might have to find something else for my friend for Christmas!


  1. Great, great, greeeat bag!! :)

    I'm following your blog now on GFC, hope u will follow me back xxx

  2. I am loving vests this season! This one looks fab on you! So ready for the cold to make its way down South!


  3. definitely loving this rebecca minkoff bag! super versatile and it looks pretty roomy!

    xo, Alicia
    River City Chic

  4. Haha, yes, why don't they do vests with sleeves? :) Beautiful fall look-very cozy, I agree, these capris will look great with high heel boot!

  5. The detail on your sleeves is great! Love that vest, too!

  6. Love this bag!