Monday, November 11, 2013

Goodbye Summer!

The weatherman said that it hasn't been this cold since March.  Does that mean it won't be warm again for five months?  I don't know if I can handle that!  Anyone who lives in a warm climate have an extra room?  I'm good at baking, chemistry and giving fashion advice.

I took these pictures last week on the before the Canadian air invaded New Jersey, hence the bare legs. I decided it was necessary to soak up some sun before it decided to hibernate for the winter. I love the sheer layer over the simple black tank dress.  I don't think it will have the same effect with very thick tights. I'll have to do a refashion for this dress and see if I can wear it from season to season!

Has the arctic air invaded your part of the country yet? How have you been combating the weather change? I'm planning on wearing only fleece pants and not leaving the house for the next three months.  Get ready for lots of OOTD pictures of me from the couch.

[ Jacket - Kenneth Cole (similar in Oxblood, I want it!) / Dress - Kenneth Cole (in black & white) / Necklace - Charming Charlies / Booties - Tahari via DSW ]


  1. Haha I'm prepared for my #OOTD posts to suffer through the winter as well. Today I'm bundled up with fuzzy slippers keeping my feet warm, so maybe I should change those before snapping pics lol. Back to you though, these are beautiful photos Vicki! I like how you styled this dress with edgier pieces like your moto jacket and leather booties.

  2. I love how you styled your dress with a leather jacket and booties, it suits you so well and gives it a bit of an edgy look.
    Tonight 0C here in Southern Germany...

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. Stunning photos! That dress is great - I can't wait to see how you remix it later!
    And yes, as much as I welcomed my boots, I rebuked the weather man last night when he said tonight we were getting snow. Ouch. Not ready!!

  4. Looking so hot!!!

    Can you believe it snowed today?! I'm not ready for this!

  5. that dress is hot!! you look great!

  6. The arctic has invaded and conquered as well! Darn the cold! Thanks for stopping by Vicki..Love love love your fierce look beautiful!!

  7. What a great dress!!! Southern CA has not gotten the memo that it's fall and it's suppose to be upper 80s tomorrow so I will be in my summer clothes for a bit longer.


  8. Great look! It doesn't get too cold here, so I'm looking forward to it getting at least cool enough for scarves and sweaters.

  9. Love that dress, isn't Kenneth Cole amazing?! Thanks for stopping by the link up!