Sunday, December 22, 2013

Celebration Gift for Me!

I just completed my second week at my new job an it's been a wild ride already. I'm learning so many new things an I hope I'm being an asset to my new company!  I want to celebrate the occasion of my new job with a present for myself, but I need a little help in deciding what to splurge on.  Take a look at my choices (all things that have been on my wish list) and tell me what you would get!

1. Iconic purse

2. Canon lens

3. Sparkly ring

4. Comfy bedding

So my choices range from totally frivolous to completely useful. What should this girl do?


  1. If you have a new job and need good rest, I vote for the bedding. But the frivolous side of me votes for the handbag(: Susan

  2. I vote for the Chanel!!!