Friday, December 20, 2013

Commuter Style

I'm at it again.  I've rejoined the ranks of the commuters! Though I'm not a traditional tri-state area commuter. I'm not taking the train to my fancy job in Manhattan. I'm taking the NJT from northern NJ to Princeton, NJ! From my apartment in Montclair, it's about 90 minutes by train to Princeton. By car it's 60 minutes, if there's no traffic. Which is never. Taking the train is way better. I can nap.

Ninety minutes on the train is actually a shorter commute than I used to do each day. I was a double river commuter for my previous job. To those not aware of the intricacies of commuting in the NYC area, a double river commute means I had to rely on two different transportation departments to function properly.  And because one of those two departments is the Long Island Railroad, I was home late all the time.

Train commutes include napping and reading (and working occasionally). Anyone have any good book recommendations?

Let it snow! I'm ready for winter!

Jacket: Kenneth Cole
Shirt: Calvin Klein
Scarf: Calvin Klein
Pants: Rag & Bone
Booties: Joie
Bag: Fossil

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