Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers

We're only a few days until Christmas. Hopefully you've made all your big purchases, wrapped those presents and just have a few things left on your to do list. But have you remembered to fill those stockings yet? Personally I like a stocking full of candy and beauty products.

Whatever your favorite person likes in their stocking, be sure to drop a chocolate orange in the toe!

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1. LUSH - Penguin bath bomb (Adorable and aromatic!)
2. J Crew - Foulard trouser socks
3. Eleni's - Gingerbread Cookie Coloring Kit
4. LUSH - Santa's Lip Scrub & Santa Baby Lip Tint
5. Sephora Formula X - Holiday Ornament Nail Polish (All that glitters...)
6. BaubleBar - Double Arrow Ring
7. Anthropologie - Alphabet Ornaments
8. Chocolate-Editions - Neapolitan Chocolate Bar (Om nom nom...)
9. Giant Gummy Bear
10. Kate Spade Saturday - Silver Notebook
11. Jamberry - Nail Wraps
12. Fish's Eddy - Intervention-ware Mug (Me? No, I'm perky!)
13. Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser
14. Io Moi - Pens
15. Chocolate Orange (For the toe of your stocking!)


  1. Yes to the socks, lip scrub, and Jamberry nails wraps - I love those things!! So fun! Susan

  2. I used to love getting stockings when I was a kid! I am way too old for that now though, pout!

    Corinne x

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love hearing from my readers. I was so surprised when it came in the mail. I sent them a letter about 5 months ago, telling them what great products they had and then they sent me this! It was such a nice surprise. Thanks for reading!