Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A. O. C.

It's time for another NYC dinner suggestion!  If you're not planning a trip to the city any time soon, feel free to skip today and I'll see you tomorrow with another outfit of the day!

A few months back, whenever it was warm out, the boyfriend and I headed out for a night on the town.  We were wandering, window shopping and people watching in one of my favorite New York City neighborhoods - the West Village.  As the dinner hour rolled around, we headed to A. O. C., because they have the most adorable back patio.  While I wouldn't suggest eating out on the back patio right now (because it's all of ten degrees outside right now), I would definitely recommend this place for the food!

A. O. C. is a French restaurant with a seriously delicious Duck leg confit (it's up there in the picture).  Crispy, full of flavor and served alongside a healthy portion of cauliflower gratin, the perfect dinner.  One warning though, this dinner is anything but light.  We're not talking airy, light French food.  This stuff is full of flavor, rich with fat and covered in sauces.  It's so worth the calories though.  Take a long walk after dinner.

Apparently they have an amazing breakfast menu too, but I haven't made it over there for brunch yet.  Perhaps my next girls weekend?  I'll update you all after I give their French toast a try!

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