Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Closet Tour 2014

To go along with my 2014 budget plan, I thought that I should share with you the current contents of my closet.  Be prepared, it's a little crazy...

I know, those pictures scream one thing - "I need a bigger closet!"  To be fair, a lot of those clothes are the boyfriends.  He's a dude and dude's have suits.  Suits take up a lot of valuable closet space. Notice that more than half of the space in this closet is dedicated to his suits, pants, button downs and sweaters.  I say this closet because I have real estate in the only other closet in our apartment, the front closet.

This is where some of my shoes live, along with bulkier sweaters that prefer to be folded and my coats and jackets.  Did I say some of my shoes?  Yes I did, because the another bunch of my shoes live inside of the laundry closet.  My flats and kitten heels take up residence in this fancy over-the-door shoe holder.

Please notice my closets lack of bright colors and soft pastels.  This is because we are currently in winter and all of my summer clothes are in storage.  Storage is a fancy word for two boxes in our fancy Ikea shelving unit. I can't wait to rescue my floaty dresses and tops from their winter purgatory. I don't know if I'll have enough space for them in our current closet.  I think we need to move.

So my closet situation may seem cramped and dire, but it's at least completely organized. In addition to everything being in color and sleeve length order, it's cataloged! This summer, while I was unemployed, I put the entire contents of my closet into the app Stylebook. It took forever.

If you haven't tried Stylebook, it's totally addicting. While I really like the ability to track what I wore all year long, my favorite part is the analytics. For each item of clothing (or accessory or shoe), you can put in lots of information, including brand, color, size, season and most importantly - Price.

As you log your daily outfits into the calendar, Stylebook makes a note of it in the individuals items "dossier".  As you accrue more and more information, you can check your stats. My most favorite stat is the Best Value and Worst Value.  I can tell that I've worn my Dolce Vita boots enough to bring down their price per wear to only $3.57, yet I haven't worn my DVF dress enough yet because it's price per wear is still very high.  This app also keeps track of how much your closet is worth, in case of fire perhaps? Or maybe it's to tell me that I spent a lot of money on clothes and I should stop going to the shops.

Why did I go off on this Stylebook tangent?  Mostly to tell you that I currently have 648 items in my closet.  Now that might sound like a lot (okay, a ton!), but it includes everything I own except for underwear.  I have input all of my jewelry, each and every tank and tee shirt, all twelve different colors of tights and my ten bathing suits.  Here is the breakdown, according to Stylebook.

Tops - 242 items
   Sleeveless - 50
   T-Shirts - 31
   Sweaters - 43
   Blouses - 47
   Blazers - 18
   Vests - 4
   Short Sleeves - 36
   Sweatshirts - 13
Bottoms - 110 items
   Jeans - 32
   Trousers - 22
   Pants - 11
   Skirts - 31
   Shorts - 10
   Maxi Skirts - 4
Dresses - 71
   Day Dresses - 37
   Work Dresses - 20
   Maxi Dresses - 3
   Cocktail Dresses - 11
Basics - 35
   Tops - 10
   Underthings - 3 (These are fancy bras for wearing under open back tops!)
   Tights - 12
   Bathing suits - 10
Shoes - 57
   Boots - 10
   Sandals - 7
   Flats - 15
   Heels - 22
   Sneakers - 3 (These are fun, fashion sneakers, this doesn't include my runners)
Bags - 22
   Totes - 5
   Top Handle - 6
   Clutches - 3
   Cross-Body - 8
Accessories - 110 (See, lots of accessories!)
   Belts - 10
   Hats - 1
   Necklaces - 61 (Blame Charming Charlies)
   Bracelets - 8
   Rings - 5
   Watches - 2
   Earrings - 23

The most important thing that Stylebook does? With my help, it will aid me in paring down my wardrobe.  As I log things into the calendar, it keeps track. If I don't log something in ever, it lets me know. There's a list of things that I've never logged into my calendar.  After a year (okay, maybe two years.  I have a lot of clothes!) of not wearing something, it may mean that I should eliminate it from my closet.

Stylebook also keeps my from buying the same thing (or a similar thing) twice. While shopping, I can simply look at my phone and see that Yes, I already have two blue sweaters with dogs on them. Maybe I shouldn't buy another one.  So helpful.  You should totally get this app.

So there we are.  My closet, as it looks this winter.  In the summer it looks a little bit more cheerful, with all the chiffon and bright colors and flirty dresses. Let's stick to the plan of adding quality pieces to the closet this year, because there really isn't any room for crap.

Disclaimer - I know I talked a lot about Stylebook today, but it's only because I love it and use it everyday.  They don't know who I am, nor do they think that my opinion will cause you to race to the app store and download their app. I just wish that the app would be like Cher's closet in Clueless and help dress me in the morning.  Most likely though I would wind up with some seriously jacked up outfit suggestions.


  1. Love this! Sometimes you don't even know what you have!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Ooh, this is an awesome post! I love peeking into people's closets and love the details on the Stylebook app! I can see why it would be addictive! I have an old school pencil & paper method of tracking my closet and what I wear...I'm not sure I'm ready to get into the 21st century with that tradition yet. :)
    On the Daily Express

  3. Stylebook sounds really cool and something I am for sure going to have to look into!

  4. I immediately thought of Clueless when I saw this, too bad it can't make outfit suggestions. That would be fun! Or what if other users could build outfits based on your closet and share them with you - that would be really awesome! It must have taken forever to catalog everything, but if I chipped away a little at a time I could probably make this happen. Thanks!

  5. Stylebook sounds great with the analytics. I use Go Chic or Go Home which doesn't have these type of useful data. I have not logged everything in there yet - it just takes too much time but it does make me realize I have way too much clothes.


  6. Um. I feel like I need Style Book now. I'm a bit afraid of the prep work in getting my closet set up, but wow, this looks awesome!

  7. Wow this is the most obssessive compulsive thing I've ever seen.... I love it!! I once tried to create a digital version of my closet with Polyvore so I could plan outfits and try style combinations with things I already own but after two tops and a pair of shoes it was already taking up WAY too much time. I'm so jealous you made it through your whole wardrobe. I would mull over the stats on something like this forever. And as per your no space situation , ever thought of putting in a wardrobe somewhere in your apartment? In Italy we don't have closets only floor to ceiling wardrobes. For the same amount of space as two dresser drawers you could have serious wardrobe realty space. Most bedrooms here in fact only have a huge wardrobe that goes along one wall and a bed and everything seems to fit! Great post I love your blog. Angie from reasonstodress.com