Friday, April 25, 2014

Stitch Fix - 12 Months in Review

It's been one year, 12 fixes and 18 new articles of clothing for my closet. It's interesting for me to look back at these photos and reminisce about the past year. Just one week before my first fix was to arrive, my company laid off me and the rest of my coworkers. The photos take me from firing, through my summer of funemployment, into the fall of interviews and out the other side into winter and a new job.

My hair went from growing out, to a bit of a mess, to styled and colored once again. I could tell you which photos were taken right after a fresh cut and color! I remember sweating it out in July and August, freezing in light dresses before Christmas and wishing for sunshine this spring. I know who shot each months photographs and I'm super glad I switched quickly from using my iPhone to shooting with my Canon!

Most of all though, I remember all of these fixes. It's been a year of hits and misses, but I think that I've been able to add a whole bunch of fun pieces to my wardrobe. Last summer, I kept several dresses and blouses that I never got to wear. I was unemployed, why would I wear a blouse? I'm looking forward to several of these pieces finally making their debuts. 

Some pieces have already seen their fair share of days in the sun. My favorite piece of the year has to be the Ark & Co neoprene skirt that I got in December. I wore it all winter with tights and it has already been paired up with a springy blouse this month. My Purple cords and the magenta necklace are also commonplace in my wardrobe.

Sadly, there are a few items that make me wonder what I was thinking. I didn't wear that black polka dotted sweater once before I gave it to a friend. I'm still not quite sure how to style that green tunic top. I was taking a lot more items from my first few fixes, the novelty of it all made me go crazy. These days I'm getting nearly perfectly curated fixes, but I'm only taking one or two items per fix.

It's certainly been an interesting year and this is a strange way to look back on it. I do have to say thank you to Stitch Fix. They gave me something to look forward to each month this summer. They cheered me up when I was a little sad about my jobless situation. It's a small thing that they did for me, but I seriously enjoyed it!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Have you been doing it for a while or just a month? Let me know your thoughts. I'm interested in hearing other peoples experiences!

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  1. Wow, you received some beautiful pieces! How fun to be able to look back through an entire year of "fixes". :)

    xo Always, Abby