Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wilde Travel Musts

With all of the traveling I've been doing recently, I have started to rely on a few items during my long flights. I flew off to London this week and brought a bunch of my favorites!

Anker Power pack - Perfect for powering up your phone, iPad or anything else that needs USB power. There is enough power in this little guy to restore your phone up to nine times!

Fuzzy socks - Those airplanes really like the air conditioning. With seven hours in flight, I like to take off my shoes and put on some fuzzy socks. So cozy.

Metal water bottle - One that clips onto my bag. Head through security, fill it up in the airport, stay hydrated!

KIND bars - My favorite are the peanut butter and strawberry bars. They have enough protein to keep me from snacking through the whole flight. Just sweet enough to fool myself into thinking it's a candy bar!

SUGAR Fresh lip balm - Why are airplanes so dry? In combination with all the water I'm drinking, this lip balm keeps in the moisture. It also has a light tint and totally helps me look alive after a long flight.

Annie's bunny snacks - If I need a little sugar pick-me-up, I reach for these fruit snacks. I love Annies natural flavors, no question about what flavor the yellow one should be.

C Wonder Pouch - I hate fumbling in my bag for gum, lip balm or headphones. I put all of my small items in one of these pouches and just toss it in the purse. I actually have two of them. One for toiletries, one for odds and ends!

Kate Spade Tote - I have this tote in purple. It's the perfect travel tote, just the right size to toss over my shoulder and fit all of my essentials. It fits perfectly under the seat in front of me, but also zips at the top in case I tip it over. It's a Kate Spade classic and they make it in several colors each season. If they produce it in their new green color, I'm totally buying another!

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