Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 Budget - June Recap

I'm a little late in posting my June budget recap, probably because I was bad last month. I didn't want to look at the numbers. Is there really a point to having a budget if you aren't going to pay attention to it at all? I bought three things last month and two of the three items weren't my fault. The boyfriend was at Bloomingdale's and there was a huge sale. He picked up two dresses for me and I just had to keep them. Now I just have to decide where to wear them!

I have been eyeing up these heels for a few months now. On a recent business trip to Chicago, I stopped by the Nieman Marcus on Michigan Avenue. Upon finding these cuties in the sale section, I knew that I had to have them! I've already worn them a couple of times, including to a big business dinner where I gave a presentation to a large audience. They loved my shoes too.

Charlotte Olympia - Kitty Pump $411 (Original - $695)

This adorable little dress was from the Bloomingdale's sale. It's so bright and colorful for the summer, but totally work inappropriate because of the length. Maybe I can get away with wearing it in the fall with tights? I think I just need to plan more nights out with the boyfriend and my girls.

Milly - Hologram Dress - $135 (Original - $425)
You can rent this dress on Rent the Runway!

Yet another Milly dress this month, also from the boyfriends shopping day. It has pockets. That sold me on keeping this dress right away. You put pockets into a skirt or dress and I'm taking it home with me. I haven't worn this dress yet either, I'm thinking it will be more of a fall/winter dress with tights and a blazer. Would I have even picked this dress up if I saw it in the store? Probably not, but the boyfriend has been a fan of all dresses B&W this year. I have at least five now.

the daily find milly dress shopbop shoptalk

Milly dress - $120 (Original $395?)

Sadly, I've only worn one of the items I bought in June! Though I've worn the shoes a whole bunch already. They are cute and comfortable! That never happens. I'll try to have a date night sometime soon and throw on my Milly Hologram dress.

I can already tell you that July has been a bad month for buying shoes. Again. I think I have a shoe problem. It's seasonal shoes this time, I've picked up three different pairs of sandals. Can't wait to share with you! I've also gone way way way over budget on said shoes. It's just terrible.

Total spent in June- $666
Price before sales - $1,515
Total Savings - $849 (56% savings)
Amount over budget - $166

2014 Budget
January - $614.07
February - $1,693.09
March - $110.50
April - $361.00
May - $655.99
June - $666.00

Blow your budget too! Pick up similar items for your closet!

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