Friday, November 21, 2014

2014 Budget - July, August, September, October Recap

While I was busy this summer, not blogging, I totally forgot to keep up with my 2014 budget! Luckily I was able to just browse through my Stylebook app and see what I recently purchased. While I neglected to put the new items into my budget, I did remember to add them to my app!  Since I was so busy this summer with traveling, buying a house and renovating said house, I didn't spend that much on clothes. Here's a month-by-month recap of my summer and early fall purchases.

July - the boyfriend and I visited Buffalo (aka - home) during July. Everyone asked if I wanted to go shopping while I was home and I declined. Sadly, Western New York has no where near the selection of stores that we have in the tri-state area. Also, New Jersey has no sales tax on clothing purchases! I did make one purchase at Century 21 in July though. Some killer sandals!

Givenchy - Sandals $299.95 (Orig - $495)

August - The boyfriend and I spent most of our time house hunting and eventually buying our new house! Money was not spent on clothes, it went toward all those home buying incidentals.

September - I went to a conference in Madrid and made a stop in the Zara store. I usually am hot a Zara shopper, but I couldn't help but check out the price and variety differences between Zara US and Zara Spain. What did I discover? Zara in Spain is much cheaper. Be sure to leave room in your suitcase for some fun pieces.

via Zara
Zara - Dress with tie waist - $36 (US Price - $49.90)

via Zara
Zara - Sweater with Jewelled Shoulders - $49 (US Price - $79.90)
I bought this sweater in black, but you can get it in red!

Zara - Printed Blouse - $37 (US price - $49.90)

Zara - Blouse with contrast top stitching - $37 (US price - $49.90)

October - The boyfriend and I just went to Cambodia and I wanted a new crossbody bag for the trip. I went with a Deluxe Everyday bag from Le Sportsac. It has a bunch of pockets, can easily go into the wash and comes in so many cute colors!  I went with this one and I picked it up at the Bloomingdale's outlet for a steal.

via LeSportsac
Le Sportsac - Deluxe Everyday Bag - $45 (Orig - $82)

With all of the travel and house stuff that has been happening in the Wilde household, it seems that I cut back on the personal shopping quite a bit! Sadly, I really haven't saved any money. All the money that I usually spend on my clothing budget has gone into our renovation budget (plus a whole lot more money!) 

With the holidays coming up I tend to take a hiatus from buying myself anything. Well, after the big Thanksgiving sales of course! I usually drop a bunch of cash on black Friday sales while visiting the "in-laws" in Florida. They have such great outlets down there! Expect a large (probably over budget) November recap, followed by a sparse December budget.

2014 Budget
January - $614.07
February - $1,693.09
March - $110.50
April - $361.00
May - $655.99
June - $666.00
July - $299.95
August - $0 !!!
September - $159.00
October - $45.00

How does your budget look at this time of the year? Do you cut your personal spending in November and December to allow yourself more money to buy presents?

Also, what are you lusting after this holiday season? Is there something special that you would like to unwrap this year?

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