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Stitch Fix Review - October 2014

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It's been a few months since you've seen a Stitch Fix review here on the blog for one major reason - I haven't gotten any fixes! Looks like my last fix was in May of this year. Though, there are smaller reasons that contributed to me not getting any Stitch Fix packages.

1. I was traveling so much over the past few months, I was having trouble scheduling my fixes. A fix would inevitably arrive when I was out of town and I would wind up with only a day to look at, photograph and choose the items in the box.

2. Stitch fix kept sending me the same thing. Over and over and over again. How many tab-sleeve blouses or waterfall cardigans does a girl need? Apparently SF thinks I need about fifteen of them. I gave SF a break for the summer to see if their stock turned over.

3. We bought a house. I didn't want to spend my pennies (even just the $20 styling fee) on clothes. I needed to save them all for the down-payment and pending renovation. 

With all of those reasons I listed, why are you seeing a Stitch Fix review today? Simple, I had a $25 credit that was just burning a hole in my SF account! I scheduled this fix for arrival in mid-September and asked for fall transition pieces (yes, I'm a little bit behind on posting this fix). As you can see, I didn't get any fall transition pieces and this fix looks more appropriate for the summer. I was needless to say, a little disappointed.

First thing out of the box was this navy blue top. I actually had been looking for a navy blouse for layering under my grey suit, so this piece was convenient. It's not ever going to be the star of an outfit. Thankfully I had my SF credit, because at $54, this piece was way more expensive that it should have been.

Collective Concepts - Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse - $54

Next up, another half-button front blouse. I have seriously gotten ten of these tops (yes, I counted). I didn't mind the print or the cut of this blouse. I didn't keep it though because I'm afraid they'll just keep sending me more of them! Also, I don't consider this a chevron print, it's really more of a herringbone print.

Amour Vert - Alessandro Chevron Print Button Front Silk Blouse - $118

I really liked this maxi skirt. I would have definitely kept it, if only it had arrived in my spring box and not my fall box. I hate buying things that I can't wear for months - Especially at full price (and this wasn't cheap). To find a maxi skirt that is long enough for me is quite a chore. I even really liked the print. Again, I was just annoyed that they sent me this skirt in September, when I asked for fall transition pieces.

Tart - Caroline Batik Circle Printed Maxi Skirt - $128

The last two items were a hit and a miss. The necklace looks really nice in the photograph, but it felt pretty cheap. I'm fairly certain that I would have broken it immediately. The top (which I never bothered to take a full length picture of!) was a keeper. I loved the color-blocking and the blue. The only problem is - it has no sleeves. Yes, you can layer it under cardigans and blazers, but then you lose the cute color-blocking detail that I love! This shirt will probably see more use in the spring and summer, but will be useful in the fall/winter as a layer.

Bay to Baubles - Betsey Gem Triangle Layering Necklace - $28
Kut from the Kloth - Murphy Colorblock Button-Up Blouse - $68

I wound up keeping two of five items from this fix. I didn't schedule a fix for the next month and I probably won't be doing anymore Stitch fix boxes. I'll be doing a short post next month with all of my reasons for falling off the Stitch Fix bandwagon.

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Here's some of the other pieces that you see in this post!

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