Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2015 Goals - Mid-year Update

Here we are, just over halfway through 2015! I thought that I should take a moment to check in with the goals that I made in January. I have to admit that I haven't done my best so far this year. I all but forgot about the goals until a few weeks ago! Going goal by goal, let's see where I am and how far I have left to go...

Health & Fitness
1. Workout 4 times per week - I'm so close to this goal! On weeks that I'm not traveling I make it to the gym three times per week and I do one home workout. Sadly, I've been a total slacker when I'm traveling. Sometimes I don't even bother to pack my gym clothes. On the bright side, I wear my Fitbit everyday and try to hit my 10,000 steps each day.

2. Run a half marathon - My favorite marathon (The Central Park Women's Half) fell on a weekend that I was away at a conference. I was so sad! I'm looking for a fall half marathon. And the will to train for a marathon during the heat of the summer. Ugh, I hate running in hot weather.

3. Strive for Five - Definitely not five. I think I'm closer to 3 a day. Summer is always better because produce is more delicious. I need to do some research into making this goal a little easier.

Personal Growth
4. Take four courses - Ultimate fail. I haven't done anything to improve myself yet this year. I do spend time each week looking through course websites. I have the urge, just not the conviction...

5. Visit two new places - This goal can definitely be crossed off the list! So far this year I have visited Eleuthera (Bahamas), Prague (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Brasov & Bucharest (Romania), Istanbul (Turkey) and Shanghai & Beijing (China). I still have a few more trips planned for this year, my passport is getting quite the workout! 

6. Make our new house a home - The boyfriend and I are well on our way to completing the renovation and decoration of our new townhouse. We still have two rooms to paint/reno and there are some missing pieces of furniture in each room, but we have a collective goal to finish before this year is up! 

How to Be an Efficient Blogger- Great tips to get more done and stay organized from The Turquoise Home. #blogging #blogtips
what I need to learn...

7. Post 3 times per week across both WITK and WITC - Total, major fail. While I have been traveling a lot this year, I have definitely had time to post more often than I do. What have I been doing? I have no idea. I need to utilize my planner more in life.

8. Add more lifestyle posts to WITC - Does this one count? Probably not. Time to get back on some sort of blogging schedule.

9. Try 12 more candy recipes for WITK - I've completed 3 more candy recipes so far this year - Cadbury Creme EggsHoney Marshmallow Peeps and Raspberry Lemonade Jellies. I tend to make more candies in the fall/holiday season, so hopefully I can finish up this goal during that time of the year.

How are your 2015 goals coming along? Have you met your expectations, or have you abandoned all hope? We've still got another 6 months in this year, time to redouble our efforts and make 2015 a year full of growth and adventure!

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