Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Eleuthera, Bahamas

The boyfriend and I recently took a well-deserved Caribbean vacation. We wanted to go somewhere relaxing, with quiet beaches and warm water. There had to be snorkeling and sites to see, but most importantly it had to be affordable. We don't have exclusive resort kind of money.

We chose Eleuthera.

We flew from Newark, NJ to Fort Lauderdale, FL. From there we hopped on a tiny little plane with twenty other people and enjoyed a bumpy 45 minute flight to Eleuthera island. Our destination was Governor's Harbor airport, right in the middle of the island.

Upon landing and walking to the airport, our luggage was carried into the international arrivals terminal, aka, a tiny building the size of a garage. Our rental car was delivered right to the front door and we drove the fifteen minutes from the airport to our little bungalow. I will highly recommend the Squire Estates in Governor's Harbor. We rented the Cottage at Belmont and it was just the perfect little space for two.

Then it was off to the beach!

See that lunatic is the background? That's the boyfriend. He's playing with a ball.

Eleuthera was the perfect place to spend a few days. Just about every beach was a private beach. The waters on the Caribbean side are shallow for hundreds of feet out. Snorkeling areas are plentiful.

I only have one complaint - the food is so expensive! Not necessarily restaurant food, but a trip to the grocery store will set you back a pretty penny! Be sure to pack some extra snacks in your suitcase.

My favorite part of a Caribbean vacation? TING! You can get Ting in American grocery stores these days, but nothing tastes better on the beach.

Oh yeah, and the Buick that everyone is looking for in this commercial? I think we found it.  

This beauty was our rental car. It came with all of those fancy dents - custom decor.

After a relaxing visit to Eleuthera Island, we hopped over to Nassau and spent a few days doing the opposite of relaxing at Atlantis. Stop by Friday for Atlantis through the years!

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