Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - For the Baker/Cook

For your one friend who just loves being in the kitchen... Whether they are creating a high-rise cake or dishing out an amazing dinner, every food enthusiast would love a little something kitchen-inspired! I have quite a few of these items in my own kitchen already!

1. Sweetapolita Sprinkles - I have always been jealous of the cake sprinkles on Sweetapolita. Thankfully, Rosie started selling her sprinkle mixtures on Etsy (and recently on her own store). Pick up an assorted pack of these and pretty up any cake!

2. Ikea - Kitchen Cart - I've had many a small kitchen over the past ten years. These adorable Ikea kitchen carts are life-savers for people with low storage space. You don't have to relegate them to the kitchen either, these are super handy to have all over the house!

3. H&M Home - Ceramic Cutting Board - We all need a pretty cutting board for when our friends come over and you don't want to serve your cheese on a scratched up plastic cutting board.

4. HAM Cake Baking Pig Print - I fell in love with HAM prints earlier this year. I have the bouncing bunny print in my office. If you know someone with a blank kitchen wall, this adorable piggy baker may be just the ticket!

5. King Arthur Flour - Baker's Companion - By far my favorite baking cookbook. I've made so many successful recipes from this book that the edges are stained with chocolate and vanilla extract. Get this for the beginner baker and watch them blossom!

6. Williams-Sonoma Striped Apron - If you could see how stained and covered in ingredients my cookbooks have become, you know what I would look like without an apron. Always a good idea for the kitchen, and you look so cool and professional!

7. Doctor Who Cookie Jar - I have this cookie jar in my kitchen, it's filled with K-cups. When you press the lamp on the top of the TARDIS, it makes TARDIS-y noises and lights up! Perfect for any Whovian.

8. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Decals - I can't afford to replace my stand mixer each time I get bored with the color. What I can do is cover it with stickers! Stand mixer decals abound on Etsy and they aren't too expensive! Get your loved one a few to choose from and they can enjoy having a personalized mixer!

9. Penzeys - Bakers Gift Box - Penzeys is my favorite place to get spices. Each time I visit the store, I always find something new to try out. The gift boxes are the perfect way to try out a number of different spices, depending on your giftee's preferences. One year I was given the Curry box and it was a huge hit in my kitchen!

Haven't found the perfect gift yet? Here are some more options that are a little bit food, a little bit fashion!

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