Friday, November 20, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - For the Traveler

With Thanksgiving next week, it's the beginning of the holiday season! Over the next week, I'll be bringing you different gift guides to help you shop for your special people! Today I'm bringing you a gift guide for the avid traveler. These are all items that I carry with me during my travels around the globe!

1. Ted Baker Floral Pouch - I use these pouches to keep my tote bag organized. Generally I have one with personal items, like aspirin and lip balm, and one with electronics, like cords and plugs.

2. Anker Astro E7 - This power pack will charge your iPhone 10 times. If you don't happen to have a seat with an electrical plug, this will be your life saver!

3. Bose Soundtrue Headphones - Truth be told, I got my "Bose" headphones in China. I would recommend this particular version for the sound quality and the color! The mint is so pretty and unique

4. Rebecca Minkoff Anytime Tote - A simple tote is the perfect travel bag. I either would go with this one, or the Kate Spade Harmony tote. Both options are big, light and washable!

5. Fintie iPad Case - For watching movies, reading books, playing games... I have no idea how we traveled lightly before the invention of the iPad. I love the Fintie case because it is sturdy and has a trusty stand.

6. Kate Spade Passport Holder - In reality, a passport holder is totally useless -When you get to customs you need to take your passport out of the holder - but this one is so pretty, I'm considering changing my view on them. Also, my passport is getting so beaten up with all this work travel!

7. Gap Slipper Sweater Socks - Fact - planes are cold. On a long haul flight, nothing is better than slipping out of your sneakers and putting on some fuzzy socks. These are great because they have a little grip on the bottom for when you want to take a walk around the cabin. Please though, put your shoes back on before you go to the restroom.

8. Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle - This bottle is a little heavy, but it is the best water bottle I own. Bring it through TSA empty and have a restaurant fill it up. Some airports have water fountains, but unless you're in Denver, the water is likely to taste a little off.

9. Joie Hadwyn Sweater - The last three travel sweaters that I have bought have been from Joie. They are soft and warm and make for a perfect blanket. I'm considering getting this one because it has a hood!

10. Samsonite Fiero Spinner - This is the suitcase that I'm currently using as my carry on. I never check luggage, even on three-week trips, because you can pack this suitcase to the brim! Yes, it will get heavy, but the hard case keeps the suitcase from getting massive. Fill it up and it will still fit comfortably in the overhead.

11. Dream Zone Sleep Mask - You'll look a little strange, but a sleep mask is a life saver when that one person decides they want to keep their window open for the entire 13 hour flight.

Still looking for something? Here are a few more ideas for your world traveler!

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