Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Goal Review

The end of the year is upon us and I thought I would do one final check-in before it becomes 2016! I've been about 50% successful with my goals, which means that I have a bit of work ahead of me in the coming year!

Health & Fitness
1. Workout 4 times per week - At the mid-year point I mentioned that I workout consistently when I'm home (which is still true), but I was having motivation problems while traveling for work. I'm happy to report that I've found my groove when traveling and I hit the gym each morning when I'm away. While I was traveling to Denver this year, I hiked some of my favorite trails in the Flatirons. When working in Shanghai, I stay at a hotel that has an amazing gym. 

2. Run a half marathon - This goal will have to be pushed along to next year. I'm sad that my favorite half marathon conflicts with my favorite conference of the year! I'll have to find another half marathon to run, I'm considering one of the NYC borough runs.

3. Strive for Five - Definitely still closer to 4 per day with this goal. I'm thinking that I should transition one of my meals to a fruit and vegetable smoothie in order to fit in a few more servings of the healthy stuff.  If I could eat five bananas and call it a day, then I could totally reach this goal. However I don't think all of that potassium would be good for me!

Personal Growth
4. Take four courses - I'm afraid that I failed at this one, but I have taken one course this year! I'll be sharing a post about my jewelry making class soon. I have my eye on a few different personal growth courses for 2016. I should just book them and then I have no choice but to go!

5. Visit two new places - This year was a busy year for travels. I visited Eleuthera (Bahamas), Prague (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Brasov & Bucharest (Romania), Istanbul (Turkey), Shanghai & Beijing (China), Vienna (Austria)  and Faro & Lisbon (Portugal). I'm going to need to get more pages added to my passport!

6. Make our new house a home - The plan was to finish all of our renovations before we were in the house for a full year. We've come very close to this goal with only one room remaining, the powder room!

How to Be an Efficient Blogger- Great tips to get more done and stay organized from The Turquoise Home. #blogging #blogtips
what I need to learn...

7. Post 3 times per week across both WITK and WITC - With all of the travel this year, I've been slacking majorly on my blogging. With the transition over here to Wilde in the World, I have plans for next year to increase my blogging by combining my blogs into one location!

8. Add more lifestyle posts to WITC - I've been attempting to post travel updates as I return from my trips. Next year I will be adding more food, fashion and beauty posts!

9. Try 12 more candy recipes for WITK - I certainly didn't make 12 new candy recipes this year, but I did make quite a few tasty new treats! - Cadbury Creme EggsHoney Marshmallow Peeps Raspberry Lemonade Jellies

How did you manage on your 2015 goals? Did you have any major accomplishments this year? 

Next time I'll be setting my big 2016 goals!

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