Friday, December 18, 2015

Unconventional Holiday Gifts

There is always someone in your life that is completely impossible to shop for. Either they are incredibly non-materialistic or they buy everything that they want themselves, these people make gift giving incredibly difficult. Personally, I have quite a few of these people in my life. Rather than giving these difficult people a gift card, here are some gift ideas for you to consider!

1. Baking or Cooking Classes - Have a friend or family member that is at home in the kitchen? Or perhaps there's someone in your life that can't tell a skillet from a crock pot? Cooking classes are a great way to learn new techniques or introduce the basics. I've learned how to make gelato, Thai panang curry and Momofuku Milkbar cookies. Bonus - you get to eat your results! Assuming you don't mess them up too much.

2. Tickets to an event - You can buy two tickets with the suggestion that you know someone who would love to attend with them! It's one of those gifts for you, but also for me!

3. Arts & Crafts Classes - The crafty person in your life might just want to learn how to make their own jewelry or finally learn how to knit. I know that I'd love to be able to make myself a long fluffy scarf! This is also an excellent gift for someone with too much free time on their hands. Why not gift them a new hobby!

4. Weekend Adventure - This type of gift generally works well for your best friend or significant other. Or anyone that you want to spend the weekend with, maybe it's your parent or sibling! Treat that special someone to a weekend away... with you! Hunker down in a ski town or relax at the spa, enjoy a girls weekend at the beach or hike through the mountains.

To give the gift, pair up a personalized certificate with something relevant - lotion for a spa weekend, new a scarf for the ski retreat, $5 sunglasses for the beach - you get it!

5. An experience - Send them off on a hang gliding adventure, or maybe up into a hot air balloon. You can get flying lessons for the person with their head in the clouds or send them off on a local adventure through their own city.

The best part about these gifts? You can buy them completely last minute and print out the vouchers from your own computer! If you have time and want to get fancy, put the voucher in a gift basket with correlating items. If you are printing this Christmas morning, maybe just draw some cute pictures on the front of the card.

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