Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wilde Valentine's Day

If you can believe it, the boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 11th Valentine's Day together!  Though technically it will be only our third February 14th that we actually spend in each others company.  For the first eight years of our relationship, we were doing the long distance thing.

This year, with V-day falling on a Friday, I think we might actually do something romantic!  When it comes to Valentine's Day dressing, I'm less of a sexy dresser and take more of an adorable with edge route.  My outfit game plan for this year?  Floral and gold!

Though with the snow that just fell this morning and the rain that continues to fall this afternoon, I may go with my day look all day.  Maybe swapping out the gold heels for my turquoise Hunters...

Check out some adorable floral dresses that I'm swooning over for Spring!!!

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