Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wilde in the World - San Diego, California

Between all of my jet setting around the world, I've been heading to some more local destinations. I had to visit Buffalo, New York for a day last month, just before I had to head across the country to California!

Every year, I head to the AACR annual conference. AACR is the American Association of Cancer Researchers and this conference attracts over 15,000 scientists, oncologists, clinicians, regulatory specialists and a wide variety of hospital, university and pharmaceutical employees. When the AACR is in town, the conversations that you hear on the street will tend toward PFS, BTD and PKPD.

With the closing of my company last year, the employees of OSI pharmaceuticals were spread to the wind. As it so happens, several of them stayed in the oncology research area and attended this years conference. So in addition to all the great science and fantastic weather that I was able to enjoy, I also got to meet up with so many of my former colleagues (and meet their new colleagues).

If you are ever thinking about attending a conference in San Diego, I would highly recommend it. The conference center boasts an enormous outdoor seating area, for those moments between sessions. It is also three or four blocks long, so you will get a lot of exercise in while walking from room to room. The food was also surprisingly good with a great variety of healthy options. Book that conference, you won't regret it!

When it comes to the city itself, I can't complain about the food. I had several delicious meals that were packed with fresh seafood and followed up with succulent desserts. The meal that sticks in my mind the most is an evening spent with a friend and a few of his friends.

The restaurant was Osetra The Fishhouse and the menu was Italian seafood. If you love wine, they have the most amazing selection. In order to access all of the wines, they have to strap a bar tender in a harness and climb up to the ceiling. I started with their combination appetizer plate of the day and had a buttery Chilean sea bass as my main course. I was outed as a bit of a foodie during dinner and was forced to order dessert for the table. I settled on an almond and pear tarte and shared a few pieces with my companions. It was all so amazing, I didn't have to eat until lunch the next day.

Actually, I had to hit the streets with my new friends and run off some of those buttery calories. Luckily the weather in San Diego made the morning run much less of a chore. The conversation actually made it a delight! I think I might need to make another trip to the west coast for a vacation. The year-round warm weather is quite tempting, especially when spring is so manic-depressing in New Jersey!

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