Thursday, May 15, 2014

14 Days - 1 Carry-on

My recent trip to Europe was for two full weeks. Yet when I met my colleague in Berlin during the second week, he stared at our suitcases and wondered why his was so much larger than mine. The secret to packing for a long trip is simply to pack interchangeable pieces! 

Below is the actual packing list and outfit arrangement from my trip last week! I have 24 items shown, though the image below is actually missing the purple Lululemon zip-up and a necklace. So let's say I packed 26 items for 14 days. This included 7 blouses, 2 sweaters, 1 zip-up jacket, 2 t-shirts, 2 tanks, 1 blazer, 2 skirts, 1 pair trousers, 2 pair jeans, 2 purses, 1 pair heels, 1 pair flats & 2 necklaces. 

Here are a few tips when packing for a long trip...

- Pack a skirt suit. The pieces can be paired together or mixed and matched with other pieces. 
- Bring silk tops. They roll up to nothing in your suitcase and steam out quickly during your shower.
- Ensure that every piece of clothing in the suitcase goes with everything else.
- Keep your footwear simple. Wear the biggest pair on the plane.
- Be organized and make a list!

I talked about the Stylebook app before, telling you all about how it helped to organize my closet. Recently I've been using it to plan my packing list for each trip. I used the app to arrange 3 meeting looks, 3 travel looks, 4 conference looks and 4 casual looks. Once I added the looks to my packing list, the app automatically populates my packing list! When it was time to pack my suitcase, I tapped "Start Packing" and was able to check items off my list as they went into my case.

There are a few things that I brought, that aren't in my Stylebook app. Due to the time of year and location I'm traveling to, I decided a rain coat and umbrella was necessary. I also don't have all my bras, panties and socks in Stylebook, that would be a little excessive. I add these items to the notes section of my packing list, because if I don't remind myself, I will forget to pack socks every time.

You may notice that I have a Hawaii packing list on my app.  Yeah, I'm totally excited about that.

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