Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wilde in the World - London and Southern England

There are a few places in the world that I'm happy to spend a weekend on my own. London is at the top of that list of cities. There are so many free museums, farmers markets and parks, it's easy to fill the hours. I ventured to London two weeks ago for some meetings with a few colleagues. Once the meetings were over, my colleagues went back to the States and I remained in London.  Why? I had a conference in Berlin the following week. It made more sense to remain in Europe than fly back and forth!

I was pleasantly surprised that of my four free days in London, it only rained one of them! Totally unheard of during spring in the UK. I took total advantage of the beautiful, sunny skies. On my rainy day, I headed to both the British National Gallery and British Museum. Later in the week I spent time at the Victoria & Albert museum and Natural History museum. All for the low low cost of nothing. Donations are always happily accepted and the maps generally are given for a £1 (or whatever random change I have in my bag).

I also took to the motorways and visited a few of southern England's most popular tourist traps. I headed west to visit Windsor castle, Bath and Stonehenge. I headed east to visit Leeds castle, Canterbury and Dover. What did I discover? Stonehenge is pretty much just a bunch of rocks in a field (you can't even get close to them!) and the spring water in Bath tastes like sulfur.

After a fun weekend in London, I had to pack my luggage full of my Ted Baker purchases and a ridiculous amount of Cadbury chocolate and I headed off to Berlin.

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  1. I love the contrast in these pictures of old and new world London. Simply breathtaking.