Monday, May 5, 2014

A Home for the Monster

My work laptop is a monster. At ten pounds and fifteen inches long, it doesn't fit in any traditional computer bag. While my coworkers suggested I get a boring and ugly bag from Staples, I was determined to find something pretty and functional for my monster.

While wandering through Saks 5th Ave a few weeks ago, I came across the MAB tote. I have a few other Rebecca Minkoff bags, but they are all crossbody bags. This bright blue MAB tote caught my eye and I knew it was just perfect. Wide enough to fit my monster, structured enough to hold up and stylish enough for me to be happy with carrying it everyday. The monster now has a new travel bag. It was a total coincidence that my favorite nail polish happens to match!

Oh yeah, this dress! Can you believe that the boyfriend picked it out for me? He's been picking up every black and white dress we've come across while shopping and showing it to me. This Marc Jacobs number is so sweet, with the A-line skirt, it makes me feel very girly!

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