Monday, May 19, 2014

Apocalypse Wear

I usually don't post this many pictures for an outfit of the day post. Why did I do it today? Helmut Lang and this crazy asymmetric dress of his. Taking photographs of this dress was so difficult because it looks different from every angle. It looks different when the wind blows. It looks different depending on how I stand. It's a fabulous dress.

I have a few Helmut Lang pieces and I always equate them to Apocalypse Wear. I imagine that after the end of civilization, people will look like they are walking around in Helmut Lang. The way the clothes are carefully, yet carelessly draped, makes it look like I found some fabric and fashioned a dress. Halfway through the workday, my office mate looked at me an exclaimed "Your dress is asymmetrical!" Yes, yes it is.

Not only is it asymmetrical, it's insanely comfortable. The fabric swings and floats (don't wear this on a windy day!) With the many details of the dress, I kept my accessories and shoes very simple. I originally planned on wearing heels, but these ankle strap flats were much more work appropriate.

What do you think of Helmut Lang? Are you a fan, or is it a little too apocalypse now for you?

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