Friday, May 9, 2014

Stitch Fix #13 - May 2014

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much this week, I traveled from London to Berlin on Monday and have been attending a conference this week with a colleague. It's left little time for blogging, photography or really anything other than work. As a bonus, all the travel these past few months has caught up with me and I got a cold. Boo.

We had a half day of conferencing on Wednesday, which I had wanted to spend touring Berlin. Sadly, I spent the entire day in my hotel room with my fluffy blankets, watching CNN and youtube videos. Did you know that you can't access Hulu or Netflix from Germany. Sucks. Hopefully this cold virus passes soon and I'm better for my return trip to New Jersey this weekend. My next meeting in Australia has been cancelled, so at least May isn't a full month of travel!

Okay, enough complaining, onto the reason you probably clicked the link today. It's time for another Stitch Fix box! It's been over a year that I have been getting fixes and I've really come to a good understanding of the company, as their stylists have totally gotten to know me. Still haven't heard of Stitch Fix? Check out this post from last summer and I will fill you in on all the details.

This month (or actually last month, as I'm a bit behind!), I asked for spring transition pieces, color and stuff for work. Everything they sent me this month was totally my style and lots of fun. Did I keep everything? No. There were some fit issues here and there, and if you remember, I only want to add really special things to my closet. I already have so much stuff!  Let's get to the pieces!

Under Skies - Abbie Pintuck Button Back Blouse
Sold Design Lab - Christopher Distressed Boyfriend Jean

A few months ago, I asked SF for some boyfriend jeans. Apparently they didn't have any at that time, but they didn't forget about my request! These jeans, by SOLD design lab, are just what I've been looking for. Slightly distressed, perfect fit at the waist and just long enough to look good rolled or straight. I brought them on my trip to Europe and have been wearing them on my off days.

The green top was sweet and pretty, it actually buttons down in the back also. While I liked the laser cut details, it was the blousey nature of the top that I wasn't a fan of. I just kind of ballooned out at the stomach and wasn't terribly flattering on me.

Donna Morgan - Harmony Geo Print Panel Detail Dress

This dress is a great idea, but not on me! The pattern play of the dress was perfect through the top, but it lost me after the empire waist. The fabric ballooned out and would have been perfect if I were a few months pregnant. The black stripes also gave me some serious looking hips. This dress just wasn't destined to be!

Amour Vert - Alessandro Floral Print Silk Henley Blouse

From all the pictures that I posted of this top, you would have thought that I kept it. I really wanted to, but it just didn't fit right! Apparently I have some really muscley shoulders and the arm hole was just too tight. The print was such a beautiful and simple design and I could imagine wearing it with so many things. Sadly, it just wasn't right and it went back to SF.

Bay to Baubles - Tricia Gen & Chain Statement Necklace

This necklace was the only thing in this fix that I really hated. For the price point, $38, it felt way too cheap. I live near a Charming Charlies and they sell things like this for maybe $15. The combination of the chunky chain and the pastel stones weren't doing it for me. Back into the return bag it went.

So overall this was a great fix! I got some jeans that I've been searching for, tried on some really pretty pieces and had a fun afternoon shooting these images in the sun. With my many trips this May, I won't be getting a Fix until June. Here's hoping it's full of color and prints!

Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? Fill out their online survey and get your first fix scheduled! It's lots of fun and totally a time saver if you want new clothes, but can't get to the mall!

Disclaimer - If you click through to Stitch Fix using my links and sign up for the service, they will credit me with a $25 referral. Once you sign up, you can also refer your friends and get free clothes!

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  1. You work that empire-waist dress well might not notice it but you really do! And I agree that the necklace is a little bit overpriced although it's pretty for Spring!


    1. Aww, thanks Rebecca! I really liked it, if only the dress weren't so poofy around the middle :)