Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wilde in the World - Berlin

A few weeks ago, after London and before Hawaii, I spent six days in Berlin for a conference. I wish that I was writing this post to tell you all about the cool things I saw when I was in Germany or all the delicious things that I ate. Sadly, I came down with a major sore throat and head cold on my second day there.

These are the few things that I did take home from my trip to Berlin. 

1. Currywurst!  I'm not saying it's the most delicious thing you can find to eat in Berlin, but it certainly is the easiest thing to find to eat. I picked up a tasty plate of hot dog (no intestine) and pommes, covered in ketchup and a sprinkle of yellow curry powder. After eating it with my tiny wooden fork I decided the following... It's not bad and totally something to eat when you want to stand at a table on the street and watch people walk by. 

2. My hotel had it right when making the bed, when there are two people in the bed. If only I had a second person staying with me. Basically I slept on one side and used all the blankets. I'm thinking of making my bed at home like this. It would greatly decrease the amount of blanket stealing that goes on around here!

3. Two of the three German phrases that I know are useful. Knowing how to say "Can I have some artichokes?" is not. 

4. When you have just on free afternoon in Berlin, spending it walking along the Tiergarten is an excellent way to pass the time. 

5. Hugo Boss is a German brand. They are not less expensive in Berlin. 

6. They grow their asparagus really big. I got some white asparagus with my dinner the first night and it was seriously an inch in diameter. 

At the end of my two weeks in Europe, I was happy to be heading back to New Jersey. Not only did I miss my boyfriend and my own pillow, but I was looking forward to being in a place where it's illegal to smoke anywhere

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