Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wilde Review - My Fitbit Flex!

As most of you know, I started a new job about six months ago. It's completely different from my last job, where I worked in a chemistry lab all day. I was on my feet for about six or seven hours each day, going from my lab to the instrumentation lab to the microwave lab. There was a lot of moving around.  This new job has been mostly desk based so far. There has been lots of presentations to create, new molecules to design and papers to read. Overall, I'm a lot less active than I was at my old job.

This is why I bought myself a Fitbit Flex. You may have noticed it in many of my recent outfit of the day posts. Do you notice how fashionable it is and how it goes with everything? No. It's not really that cute, but it keeps me honest. How does it work? So simple.

First, you can wear the fitbit all the time. Seriously, it's water resistant and you can wear it in the shower. I usually take the morning shower to charge my Fitbit, since I'm not taking laps around the tub and racking up the steps.

Well, actually first thing in the morning, Fitbit wakes me up. Using the app on my phone, I can set an alarm for each individual day of the week, weekdays only or weekends. It quietly buzzes and wakes only me up. No need to rouse the other person in the bed. (I just wrote "the other people in the bed" and thought that might sound very strange. There aren't a whole ton of people sleeping in my bedroom)

The alarm buzzes me awake and I head to the shower. I pop the Fitbit into its charging station and get ready for the day. Before I head out to the train, I snap on the bracelet and Fitbit tracks my movements all day. I have goals set in my Fitbit app on my iPhone, including steps, active minutes and miles per day. The Fitbit will also track my sleeping habits! It lets me know how often I toss and turn through the night and how much productive sleep I get.

I'll check my Fitbit through the day to see my progress. If I'm short on steps through the day, I'll be sure to take an afternoon walk or maybe hit the ladies room on the other side of the building. Not only does the app track my activities, it also includes a food log! It's very easy to track calories and my eating habits. I love this little accessory and how it's been keeping me healthy in my new job!

The only thing that I wish the Fitbit had a Get Moving reminder. The Flex can easily tell if I haven't moved from my desk. If it could remind me to stand up and walk around occasionally, I would love it even more.

Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share the Fitbit Flex with you! It's so much fun and totally helps keep you honest.

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