Monday, October 13, 2014

The Boyfriend Shopper

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA recently. There have been big things happening around the Wilde house and I haven't had a moment to post!  I'll be catching you guys up on my summer travels, and all the other things that have been happening, this week! Starting off first, with my favorite shopping trick...

You've all heard me sing the praises of Stitch Fix. Personal Stylist, try on the clothes at home, sending me new trends to try out. It's all great. Now it's time to share with you another one of my favorite things - The Boyfriend Shopper!

What is this you ask? Well, it's just like Stitch fix, except my personal stylist is my boyfriend!

Sure, this might not work out for some of you (okay, most of you), especially if your significant other hates shopping. Or isn't comfortable wandering the women's department of Bloomingdale's. I'm a lucky girl and let me tell you the great things about My Boyfriend Shopper. (All of the items in the outfits included in this post were purchased by the boyfriend, without any influence from me!)

1. He has access to all my favorite shops, the best shopping mall in New Jersey and a few of the best outlet malls in the area. His office is right in the middle of all of these amazing stores. It's a good thing that I don't work in that part of the state.

2. The Boyfriend has learned my style over the ten plus years we've been together. He knows I hate surged hems, stretchy tops and anything Missoni. Though he often buys things he thinks will look good on me and I wind up loving them.

3. My guy is incredibly frugal and can sniff out a sale like a deal bloodhound.  On his most recent trip out for me he spent $120. He saved over $700 on labels like Theory, Hugo Boss & Marc Jacobs. Yeah, he's good.

4. I get to try the items on at home and if I don't like them he can just take them back to the store next week. I don't have to lift a finger! No going to the mailbox for me, take that Stitch Fix!

5. He sometimes forgets that I haven't paid him for the cute clothes he bought me.  Mostly I just repay him by making a larger rent payment, thereby lowering his payment. So it's like I'm paying for the roof over our heads, instead of those killer shoes on my feet.

If only I could figure out a business model in which I would monetize his sale finding skills.  Anyone out there need a personal bargain shopper? I charge 10%. Yes, that sounds legit.

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